Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Vacation

We attended the Peterson Family Reunion in Cardston, Alberta, Canada.

Some interesting things about our trip:

The exchange rate was $1.02 US for $1 Canadian.
A small bag of ice was $3.00
A Liter of gas was $1.29

We left home on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 and headed toward Idaho Falls, we visited the Tautphaus Park Zoo. We saw a Tiger, snow leopard and otters. We were there while the penquins were fed. Matt found the tiny poison dart frogs. This zoo had numerous birds including pelicans, the pink spoon-billed crane and the red-crested cardinal. We saw an animal we had never heard of before the New Guinea singing dog.

We went to dinner with Kim's brother Taylor and his wife Katie. We tried a restaurant they had not yet tried called Bubba's. We were lucky enough to go on all-you can eat rib night. Matthew thought he was big enough to try the all you can eat ribs. He managed to eat 2 of the ribs they were so big.

On Wednesday we went to Yellowstone National Park. We saw some beautiful hot pots, 2 buffalo laying in dust wallows, several elk laying in the shade along side the road. Matthew has an amazing ability to see wildlife, he spotted a white wolf running along the tree line.

Matt also spotted several eagle nests and eagle parents feeding their eagle babies as we traveled from the north entrance to Yellowstone to Great Falls, Montana.

This waterfall is one of many on the fire hole river. This small drive was beautiful and well worth the detour.

Matt and Alan walked along this river after stopping at a small hot pot along the river.

We saw this beautiful dragonfly, I was struck by
the most unusual colors. While we walked
through the Japanese gardens in Lethbridge,
we saw electric blue dragonflies.

Our next stop were the geysers. These two photos are actually pictures of the same geyser, one from the top of the geyser the other from the drainage spot for the geyser. I found it absolutately amazing that the same geyser could create so many amazing colors on the ground.

Matt's baptism March 1, 2008

Matthew was baptized today. We are so proud of him.


Matthew received his Bobcat today.