Friday, August 15, 2008

My Edward Cullen

Introducing Drew Fuller
He has the most
amazing eyes!

Perfectly mysterious,
and descriptive of the
Edward Cullen character

Story boys out to catch a fish

Weston, Matt and Seth... fishing in Salem pond.

Scott is helping Zach get his line out of the tree...

More of Weston, Seth and Matt....

Alan trying to help Weston with the line, Zach
decided to throw in the line and Matt is determined
to catch something today.

Scott, Weston and Matt still trying to attract
a fish.

Story Family Photos- some bloopers

Believe it or not, this is one of the better photos
I was able to get of this group, felt like herding cats.

Andrew is checking out the older boys, Spencer
would rather have his mom, Matt and Seth are
just hangin'.

We need to photo shop some of these photos
in to one fabulous picture

Sarah is helping Lindsey learn to crawl.

Kelsey is her adorable self.

The beauty of Glacier

One of the peaks surrounding the Logan Pass area.

This river pours into McDonald Lake in Glacier National Park,
Matt and I hiked down and soaked our feet in this ice cold water
The water was so clear and so cold, it felt wonderful on our feet.

Another view of the river.

Matt made some new friends on our trip

This little mountain goat was here with his mom

Here is mom... keeping a good eye on the baby!! Look how photogenic she is!

For some reason Matt thought we needed a photo of this guy... I guess he wanted to document that he can make friends where ever he goes.

This old guy wanted to give Matt some fashion and mining tips.

Logan Pass

The wind was blowing uptop Logan Pass. Matt is trying to stay warm and ignore me while I take his picture

My boys checking out the wildlife!

If you look closely you can see the roadway carved out of the mountain, we are headed down that road!!! At least we will be traveling along the mountain edge and not the outside edge

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jackson Glacier

This is one of last visible glaciers in the park.
Jackson Glacier

Matt was just dying to get out of the car. (ok maybe not)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Matt's photo tour of Waterton

International Peace Park- Waterton

We decided to head for Waterton International Peace Park.

We love this place. You are guaranteed to see wildlife, amazing scenery and interesting people.

Cameron Falls is guaranteed to be amaze you.

We took this economical ride to tour the town.

Matt loved the surrey ride.

Fenske Family Reunion

After 2 days in the car, we let Matt out and see if he could take down this T-Rex

He tried his hardest, but didn't make much progress.
Climb on the mountains
And hide in the caverns.

We were off to Uncle Barry and Aunt Laura's.... and of course their favorite corral!!
Poor Shorty didn't know what he was in for.

The kids lined up and Shorty went around

And around

And around. After each child rode Shorty 4 times

A few of the kids rode Shorty alone around the corral. Matt wanted to show us his skills....

Then Anna took Shorty for a spin by herself.

And sweet little Mary, only 3 years old and so capable of taking on the world!!!

Jarom takes Shorty on the final turn before the poor animal falls over.